Estiom. Software Innovation.

Estiom creates modern, state-of-the-art web applications.
We automate large parts of the software development process.
To build faster, smarter. To reduce time-to-market.

Software Robot. Accelerate application development.

Minimize mistakes, reduce valuable time and resources. Focus on business requirements.

No vendor lock-in.

Software built using our platform is independent and deployable on any cloud or on-premise.
The open architecture (OData) makes integration with other platforms easy.

Standard components.

Our software robot takes reusable components to construct new software. This allows us to develop up to 8x faster and reduces time-to-market.

The first low-code hybrid platform.

We combine traditional software development with low-code software development: the speed of low-code with the flexibility of traditional.

Tell us about your project.

We are curious about your software project. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

More software. Less time.

What can we build in ...

1 week

Advanced field service application.
In-line with your corporate identity.

1 month

Back-end application with reporting feature. Works on PC, tablet and smartphone.

1 quarter

Advanced IoT solution for maintaining and monitoring sensors around the globe.

App Gallery

Example projects. Built by Estiom.


Code less. Build smarter.

"Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight." - Bill Gates


We use various open standards (including OData and Web Components) to make integration with other platforms easier.


Choosing Estiom means a shorter time-to-market and a better end product.


Estiom works with modern techniques.
We translate complex problems in easy-to-use solutions.

More information? Contact us.

We are curious about your software project. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Low-code? Yes. Vendor lock-in? No.


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