SignalZ. The IoT analytics platform.

SignalZ is an IoT platform for translating sensor data into relevant information for process improvement and required (preventive) action.

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Connect sensors. Compare and analyze.

Analyze and visualize data from Internet-of-Things sensors using smart algorithms.


Sensors from various brands can be connected to the SignalZ platform. Think about LoRa, 4G, 5G, NB-IOT etc.


All sensor data arrives in 1 central database environment. Ready for analysis.


We analyze sensor data using smart algorithms. Data specialists can also add custom algorithms. (Python+R)


View incoming data directly in SignalZ. One click to export the data to Excel or Power BI.


Receive notifications via WhatsApp or Email when certain values exceed.


Compare data from different sensors and link external data sources. (like weather information, etc.)

Browse locations, devices and sensors.

Start with a simple overview of all locations, sensors and devices.

View the status of a sensor at a glance, using KPIs.

Tap a location to immediately drill down to the raw sensor data.


Demonstration of basic functionality.

At a glance.

Compare data with other data sources.

Export data to Excel, PDF and PNG.

Link data to Microsoft Power BI.

When new data arrives, the charts are refreshed automatically.

Business intelligence.

SignalZ features an integrated BI environment to help you create your own dashboards.

Collect sensor data and convert raw data into meaningful information.

SignalZ supports KPIs, PDF and Excel reports, interactive charts, maps and R and Python-algorithms.

Combine asset management, field service and IoT sensors with the unique SignalZ platform. 

Maintain devices.

Report maintenance operations and upload photos from the field.

Use SignalZ with a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Access your sensordata from anywhere.

SignalZ is used every day to monitor sensors and factories, worldwide.


Demonstration of business intelligence module.

Industry 4.0. Digital Twin. In practice.

Use SignalZ to monitor and maintain assets around the world. Combine real-time information from the field with documentation and product models.

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Proven technology. No manual required.

“SignalZ works very intuitive. The program gives you insight at any moment of the concentrations you measure and also indicates how reliable those measurements are.”
- End-user.


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