Introducing wyStack.

wyStack is the first hybrid aPaaS platform for software developers.
Modeling where possible, programming where necessary.


Online modeling and development environment.

Fully web-based cloud development environment.

Use standard components to build the user interface.

Software. Constantly in motion.

The wyStack platform is continuously expanded with new features that can be used in all business applications.

wyStack is built with Microsoft technology and can be hosted on Microsoft Azure or on-premise.

Applications are automatically generated in the background by the wyStack Robot and optimized for performance.

wyStack uses various open standards (including OData and Web Components) to make integration with the platform easier.

No vendor lock-in

Applications built with wyStack can function independently and are transferable to other cloud platforms.

Online development environment

The wyStack modeling and development environment runs entirely in the cloud and is suitable for building advanced enterprise web applications.

Build in the cloud. Use standard components.

wyStack has standard support for data modeling, authentication, authorization and an extensive set of front-end components.

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"Mounting evidence shows that low-code development platforms are here to stay."


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